Hard and Soft Skills

On the most basic level, skills are about what you can do. You can write, you can fix air conditioners, you’re a Photoshop expert, you can manage a 20-person staff etc. Economic commentary, management tips and job market analysis often makes a distinction between “hard” and “soft” skills. The former are those that are seen … Continue reading Hard and Soft Skills

Productivity and Skills/Training

The education system is meant to prepare kids for the workforce they’re about to enter. Specifically, we expect 18 year olds to know what they want to do for the 50+ years they’ll be working after graduation and choose the appropriate major or course of study to gain the necessary skills. Additionally, employers often give … Continue reading Productivity and Skills/Training

The Many Educational Divides

All the problems mentioned are universal, but they become even more pronounced in certain communities because of the disparate ways educational resources are allocated. Consider the $12,430 reported to be spent per student nationally. That’s great, but it’s not universal and can vary greatly from state to state and even area to area. My own … Continue reading The Many Educational Divides

Productivity Growth Through Skills (Intro)

As mentioned before, employee pay is based at least in part on what that individual has to offer, what kind of productivity they’re expected to achieve and what kind of revenue and profits they’re expected to produce. Job listings will usually feature a laundry list of qualifications applicants must have, or those the company would … Continue reading Productivity Growth Through Skills (Intro)

Productivity and Inclusivity

Forcing the issue - eg through quotas or mandates - doesn’t increase productivity. That benefit is only realized in organizations where diversity and inclusion are already held to be important. The soil, in other words, has to be fertile for the seed of productivity gains to take root and grow. That means it’s the responsibility … Continue reading Productivity and Inclusivity

Productivity and Creativity

An environment that encourages and rewards creativity would seem to be one that is also highly productive. Creativity, after all, is the engine driving changes that can save money, offer new ways of approaching a problem, do things more efficiently or effectively and more. Companies should be encouraging creativity among employees at all levels. Creativity … Continue reading Productivity and Creativity