Wellness: An Unproven Paradigm

For as much as the wellness movement seems to contain more than a little snake oil, something must be working, right? So many big companies wouldn’t implement these programs if they didn’t actually improve productivity and profits. It turns out the primary beneficiary of wellness program adoption is the wellness industry. The University of Illinois … Continue reading Wellness: An Unproven Paradigm

The Rise of the Corporate Happiness Officer

Since every other corporate initiative and program has a C-level executive leading the charge it’s only natural that employee morale should get the same treatment that’s given rise to titles like Corporate Happiness Officer and similar roles. These are the people who are responsible for making sure employee attitudes are positive and the culture is … Continue reading The Rise of the Corporate Happiness Officer

Mindfulness Movements

Programs that encourage an employee to join Weight Watchers, quit smoking, start taking the stairs instead of the elevator and others are all focused primarily on the physical body. There are certainly mental and psychological benefits to better health, but even those don’t address the fact that workers are distracted by any dozens of digital … Continue reading Mindfulness Movements

Productivity and Corporate Wellness Programs

Offering health insurance is one way companies attempt to maintain a productive workforce, but it’s largely a reactive measure. Some may go in for regular check-ups and other preventive care, but you largely don’t need that insurance until it’s time to go to the doctor because you’re sick. In the mid-1980s some businesses began to … Continue reading Productivity and Corporate Wellness Programs

Productivity and Illness and Sick Days

Healthy people are better workers, right? That seems like the simplest of notions, as does the idea that physical, emotional and mental health all play a role in determining the productivity of the workforce as a whole and each individual specifically. Maintaining a healthy and therefore productive workforce is in the best interests of companies … Continue reading Productivity and Illness and Sick Days

Productivity and the Always On Workplace

For much of history, the realities of the physical office played a central role in establishing the boundaries between someone’s work and personal life. When someone clocked out at 5pm they left behind the phone that was tethered to their desk as well as the files, documents and other materials they were working on. You … Continue reading Productivity and the Always On Workplace

Productivity and Dispute Arbitration

The rules dictating what is and isn’t appropriate workplace behavior are ostensibly there to protect workers from abuse and harassment by others. When those rules are broken or violated on a macro level, governmental regulators or other bodies will come in and slap fines on the company. When they’re broken on an individual micro level, … Continue reading Productivity and Dispute Arbitration

Productivity and Workplace Abuse

The idea of “safe spaces” has inspired countless jokes by standup comedians along with an equal amount of pearl-clutching editorials from commentators (especially on the conservative end of the political spectrum) about how sheltered some people are. That people should be free from material that may trigger past trauma or seriously offend may be an … Continue reading Productivity and Workplace Abuse