Productivity and Caregiving

When we talk about someone being a “caregiver” within a family dynamic it’s usually a fancy way of saying they are parents caring for their children. That’s a narrow synonym, though, that discounts how complicated the title has become. 40 million people in the U.S., according to the AARP’s Public Policy Institute, are providing basic … Continue reading Productivity and Caregiving

Productivity and Worker Race/Ethnicity

If the situation for women is less than ideal, for people of color it’s even worse. As the economy “improved” in 2018 and 2019, the unemployment rate went down and stayed under four percent for several months and wages started to creep up, though as we’ve seen those raises were unevenly spread around and still … Continue reading Productivity and Worker Race/Ethnicity

A Non-Traditional Career (and Life) Path

To start off with, the traditional career path Baby Boomers and older Gen Xers enjoyed is not nearly as prevalent or common as it once was. There have been countless studies, op-eds and other debates about whether “job-hopping” is more common among Millennials than it was in previous generations. Much of that debate gets bogged … Continue reading A Non-Traditional Career (and Life) Path

Women as “The Office Mom”

Responsibilities and duties within an office environment fall into one of two categories: Those that will earn someone a promotion and those that are unrelated to their official job and therefore less likely to factor into promotion or raise considerations. Think about it this way: What duties actually fall under your job description and are … Continue reading Women as “The Office Mom”

Productivity and Worker Gender

Here’s an example of how gender-based bias influences our idea of who does or doesn’t hold a job: A 2018 Pew analysis of Google Image Search results for various job titles showed results that were overwhelmingly of white men even when the volume of those results were out of proportion with their representation in that … Continue reading Productivity and Worker Gender

How Identity and Productivity Are Connected (Intro)

When I was laid off in the summer of 2016 from the company I’d worked at for seven years, I admittedly struggled more than a little bit with my identity. Especially in the United States, the question of “who you are” is closely tied to - to the point of being nearly synonymous with - … Continue reading How Identity and Productivity Are Connected (Intro)